Everything You Need to Know About Energy Work—and Why You Should Try It

Mindfulness—and a focus on mental and spiritual health in general—was undoubtedly one of the biggest wellness movements of 2016. And now, with barely a dent in 2017, there’s already a new magical (pun intended) craze to continue the trend: “Energy work.”

In fact, according to Pinterest, energy work is the number-one wellness trend of 2017, with a 51 percent jump in pins so far this year. So, what is it? Roughly speaking, it’s a method of healing based on the concept of maintaining “spiritual hygiene” through cleansing practices that work with the intangible (e.g., energy, spirits, vibrations). And of course, like yoga and meditation, this “trend” isn’t actually new—the resurgence of all things mystical is another example of an ancient practice now finding popularity in the modern world.

According to experts, we’d be wise to incorporate energy work into our routines just as we’ve quickly adopted other mindfulness practices. As shaman and crystal expert Colleen McCann puts it, “We eat right, exercise, sleep eight hours a night. Why are we neglecting our spiritual health?”

Below, we break down some of the most popular concepts in energy work and everything you need to dip a toe (or full-on cannonball) into the spiritual wellness pool.

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