6 Reasons Introverts Win At Fitness

If you’d rather drop a dumbbell on your foot than spend an hour in the front row at Zumba, we feel you. And while we’re all for trying new things, nothing says it can’t be on your terms. In fact, here are a few ways your introversion is actually helping you crush your fitness goals.

1. You save a ton of money by working out in the comfort of your living room.

Splurging on boutique fitness classes can cost upwards of $100 each month, and that’s not including the pricey Lululemon leggings you just had to have. And some gym memberships, once you get past the flashy “Sign-Up Today and Save” discount, can come with their own barrage of hidden fees. Avoiding these money traps in favor of your own at-home program can save you some serious cash over time. Not to mention flying solo during your workouts doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it alone. “There are so many streaming classes now that customize workouts and feature top trainers,” says Joanna Cohen, an instructor at Y7 yoga studio in New York City. (Discover some of our favorite online workouts and trainers on YouTube.) “I’m also a fan of keeping a fitness diary with a friend,” says Cohen. “If you do it digitally, you can keep track of your progress and keep each other motivated while still doing your own thing.”

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