Rick Owens Slams Conventional Beauty at Paris Fashion Week

Sleek silhouettes and entrancing runway music were put on hold in Paris last week for Rick Owens’ 2014 spring collection. Instead stomps, shouts, and a stream of American step dancers thumped out onto the runway to showcase the designer’s latest work.

Stepping (the choreography that exploded on stage) is a form of competitive dance that combines synchronized stomps, arm movements, hand gestures, and yells. It’s reminiscent of the precision of your high school’s marching band, but with the hype of the football players taking the field.

Owens collected the dancers from four different step teams in the U.S. in a move to reject the fashion industry’s standards of beauty and encourage diversity on the runway. The models’ full figures, athletic legs, and varying heights only added to the impact of the collection, which featured earthy tones, leather vests, tunics, and makeshift high tops.

The girls strutted with fierce faces—literally—putting the traditional model pout to shame. There were frowns, snarls, intimidating smiles, even straight-faced stares. The overall message? A defiant attitude and loud confidence.

Well, Mr. Owens, we definitely got the message, and we’re hoping to see more everyday women on the runways ASAP!


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Published: 01/18/2014
Photo: The Cut